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Iris Rural Ready

$ 60.00
TB, Burseen

(Tom Burseen 2024) TB, 34" (86.5 cm), E-M. (Photo Burseen) :0

Looking at the parentage on this shows unlimited possibilities for breeding with this. Like Mad Scientist Soup! Texas bred.
S. orange buff, open; Style arms orange buff, overlaid gold; F. orange buff, heavily washed almond brown, yellow-orange buff washed edge; ruffled; beards saffron yellow, wide, fat; pronounced musky fragrance.

Sdlg. 19-20A: Glamorizing X 17-654:(15-274:(Eyes Don't Lie x 13-712:(11-239:(Dewuc whatic x 09-218:(Hunklin Down sib x )) x 11-178:(09-389:(Courtin Daisy Mae x 07-207:(05-69:(03-88:(01-254:(Abdul Unknown x 99-469:(Moonraker x Armadillo Run)) x 01-88:(98-217:(95-63:(All Aflutter x Gnu) x 96-117:(Lover's Lane x 93-367)) x 98-217:(95-63:(All Aflutter x Gnu) x 96-177:(Lover's Lane x 93-367:(Splish Splash x Mesmerizer))))) x 03-181:(01-15:(98-130:(Black Falls x It Ain't So) x 99-403:(96-189:(Experiencit x Gnu Again) x Romantic Evening)) x 01-92:(Comet Connie x Rocket Randy))) x 05-203, Monomania pollen parent)) x 09-309:(Notta Lemon x 07-167:(Sammie's Jammies x Enchanter))))) x 14-148:(Power Down x Fancy Ideas)).

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