BONUS IRIS FOR EVERY 6 ORDERED or VALUE! (Added at shipping from available plants. We also attempt to match with your order. Suggestions welcome. Up to 5 as shipping weight is affected). Shipping from July to September based on your climate (AIS judges get 10% dicount, ask us how).

A SDB Sale! 10 for $49, Free Shipping!

$ 90.00 $ 49.00

Due to some overly happy plants we need to sell SDBs' fast! (We also have a special on MTBs as well.)

We will send 10 named varieties, all different, for $49 with free shipping (If ordered with other items shipping will only be for those other items).*

Included will be an introduction from 2022 or 2023! Some rebloomers available as well! A few shown below.

*Varieties may be duplicated if more than 3 groups are sold.

** Continental USA only.

***If shipping is charged by app we'll refund it! 

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