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We are a state licensed and inspected nursery so you can rest assured are plants are very healthy. Oklahoma's harsh climate of extreme heat, drought, frigid temps and ever changing conditions means we weed out the meek and provide you with the toughest plants anywhere. Not all iris and daylilies are created equal. Some are very robust growers here while others increase slowly and are smaller.
We guarantee our plants to be true to name, freshly dug and individually hand packed.
If the plants are not satisfactory on arrival, please contact us within seven days and we'll replace your plant. If it's not possible to replace, we'll refund your money. If you advise us that we may substitute, we are generous with our substitutions offering plants of equal or greater value and similar characteristics. We will not substitute without your permission. Some plants are in short supply, so please order early! We try and send double and triple fans on all daylilies, but our newest introductions.
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