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Iris Morning Hues

$ 8.00

(Richard Tasco 2016) SDB, 15" (38 cm), ML. HM 2018

Unusal bi-color combo in an sdb! California
S. cream-white, large sap green wash up midribs covering most of petal, cream-white edge; style arms silvery white, light violet blush along midrib; F. wisteria blue, dark violet-blue center wash stronger and darker as flower ages, light plum blush on shoulders; beard hairs based white, golden orange in throat and middle, light blue-white ends.

Sdlg. 11-SDB-25-47: 07-SDB-79-13: (05-SDB-31-13, Coyote Moon pollen parent, x 05-SDB-03-18-HR: (Punk x 03-SDB-04-02-HR: (Mesmerizer x Hager pumila 4471TyY: (Ceremony x pumila 2847WFlrPr: (BU 68 x Atomic Blue))))) X 07-SDB-83-55-HR: (04-SDB-07-33-RE: (All That Magic x 99-SDB-29-05: (97-SDB-17-14, Replicator sib, x 97-SDB-17-28 sib)) x 05-SDB-01-03-HR: (Mesmerizer x SIGNA 00A004, Mathes dark violet pumila-hand pollinated)).  


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