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Iris Jaunty Gilbreath

$ 22.00

(Tom Burseen, 2021) TB, 37" (94 cm), Midseason bloom.

Flashy orange, big flowers and strong growth from Texas. 

Standards nasturtium orange blended saturn red; style arms orange; falls same as standards; beards indian orange; ruffled; laced; slight musky fragrance.

Seedling 16-30J: Seedling 13-53: (seedling 11-695: (seedling 03-974J: (seedling 05-587: ('Florence Hill' x seedling 03-981: ('Jaw Dropper' x 'Stand in Awe')) x seedling 05-310, 'Inchoation' pollen parent) x seedling 09-435: (seedling 07-38, 'Ferget Dah Mustard' pollen parent, x seedling 07-62, 'Sundown Clown' pollen parent)) x seedling 11-835: ('Treasure Trader' x 'Swearin Ima Blarin')) X seedling 13-882: ('Sights Unlimited' x 'Loosen Up').

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