Spuria Iris
(parts by Floyd Wickenkamp)

Spuria are beardless iris, originating from the Mediterranean area of Europe. They are also seen in lesser numbers in England, Denmark, Russia, Afghanistan and western China. Spuria iris are one of the tallest of iris, reaching a height of 5 feet or more.  Experience has shown that spuria iris perform better in areas of the country where the summer months are dry.

Spuria irises are classified under the Apogon or beardless subsection of the iris family. The twenty or more species are native to the temperate zone in a band running from Spain and North Africa to India and China. The greatest collection of the species has been found in southern Siberia, always in sunny locations.

The largest concentration of activity in growing and hybridizing spurias is in the sunnier and warmer parts of the U.S., especially California and the Southwest, including Texas and Missouri, and in eastern Australia, but they have also been grown successfully in Montana and Minnesota as well as in northern Europe.

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