STOUT GARDENS at Dancingtree

  Welcome to Stout Gardens at Dancingtree! We are passionate about irises and daylilies. We are a small company but growing rapidly thanks to our marvelous customers and their word of mouth. We are very personable with you and do all we can to ensure your satisfaction and gardening success.

  Our home in Oklahoma, while a great place to work and live, can be very stressful on plants both weather and condition wise. We feel the blazing heat, freezing winters, strong winds and yes tornadoes, help us to separate average growing plants from superior ones that should survive in any climate.

  We attempt to offer the newest in both iris and daylilies and hybridize our own striving for beauty and toughness. We love to hear from you especially on what works and what doesn't. We'll continue to share any helpful hints we can here and look forward to a closer relationship to our iris and daylily friends.

Happy Gardening!

Hugh & Nataly Stout

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