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Iris When In Love

$ 10.00

(Joseph Ghio 2017) TB, 32" (81 cm), ML.

Truly gorgeous pastel apricot tones and flower form on show stalks. Tough too! California.
S. creamy apricot-white, coral-peach at base; style arms peach; F. golden apricot, center lighter, deeper apricot at shoulders to heart of bloom, light cream wire rim; beards tangerine, tips white.

Sdlg. 11-16J: Layer Cake X 09-11S: (07-30G: (05-37D: (02-105A3: (00-56Y: (U98-1A, unknown, x 97-44V2: (lmpulsive x 95-1-T2: (U92-7-A2, unknown, x 93-90, Snowed In sib))) x 99-6R4: (97-16Q3: (93-90B x Dance Hall Dandy) x 97-58-13: (Puccini x 95-1-Q, Exposé pod parent))) x 03-39K2, Dazzle pod parent) x Smart Money) x Yours Truly).

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