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Iris Stitched In Blue

$ 6.00
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(Kenneth Fisher 2006) MTB iris, 22" (59 cm), M.
S. stitched blue-lavender with white background; F. stitched blue-lavender with white center; beards light yellow, white at end.

Light blue stitched violet blue. Hard to find!

Sdlg. 03-11: TDV4: (Bedford Lilac x TAQ9: (83GG: (Puppy Love x Like a Melody) x TT7: (TC4: (Pink Kewpie x Puppy Love) x Abridged Version))) X TOYY: (9TAR5: (TCC2: (TS8: (New Wave x New Idea) x TS8) x TCC2) x 9TAR5). Aitken 2006. HM 2010.

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