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Iris Perception

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(Joseph Ghio 2011) TB, 35" (89 cm), EML
S. white; F. white, light blue-violet rim, touched gold at shoulders; beards gold.

Best formed of the Emma Cook patterned iris! Limited stock.

 Sdlg. 06-39L2: 02-242V3: (99-30E: (Revere x 97-41B2: (95-35D, sib to Impulsive, x Dear Jean)) x Wearing Rubies) X 04-89J: (Keep Smiling x 02-45E2: (00-21Z3: (98-20F2: (94-99Z: (Winning Edge x Blonde Bombshell) x Society Page) x 98-21G2, sib to Bewitchment) x 00-37D3: (97-23Z: (95-26big: (Boogie Woogie x Romantic Evening) x 95-3: (U92-9F2, unknown, x 93-111: (Enhancement x 91-122-O2: (88-105X, pod parent of Heaven, x 88-99S: (85-161T2: (Fortunata x 82-135G3, sib to Romantic Mood) x 85-158pink: (Caption x 83-116: (Classico x 80-146S: (77-38D: (75-121, sib to Preface, x Crystal Dawn) x Soap Opera)))))))) x 98-21G2))).

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