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Iris Lip Smackin Good

$ 10.00

(Tom Burseen 2010) TB, 35" (89 cm), ML. Space age

Peachy pink space-ager with red-purple veining in falls. Texas. Limited. 
S. peachy cream blend, maize orange glow around edges and at base; style arms golden peach; F. cream peach, heavy red-purple veins, peach rim; beards tangerine orange, hairy peach horns; ruffled, flared; pronounced musky fragrance.

Sdlg. 04-297A: Elijah’s Fire X 02-55: (Abdul Unknown x 99-118: (97-640: (Magic Kingdom x Tender Gender) x 97-564: (94-54: (92-116: (Virus Iris x Pauline Hill) x Stingray) x Osay Canuc))).

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