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Iris Beautiful Edging

$ 22.00
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(Richard Tasco 2020) TB, 36" (91 cm), ML.

Striking diamond dusted white bordered violet with loud tangerine beards. California. Limited.
S. cold white, very pale light yellow at extreme bottom edge; style arms silvery white, very slight violet ridge, very slight light blue cast under style crests; F. cold white, thin campanula violet rim, darker and wider at bottom; beards bright tangerine, some yellow hairs near the end; lightly ruffled; diamond dusted; slight fragrance.

 Sdlg. 13-TB-06-36: 10-TB-56-32: (08-TB-22-10: (Gypsy Lord x Bushwhacked) x 08-TB-05-23: (Gypsy Lord x Jazz Band)) X Engagement Ring.


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