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Iris Red Frog Flyin'

$ 65.00
TB, Skaggs

(Bob Skaggs 2024) TB, 38", Mid season, Space age.

Super popular seedling in Bob's garden. He swore we'd see a "Red Frog Flyin' " before he would ever introduce a space ager. Glad he made an exception! Welcome to the club Bob! Missouri bred.

Standard and style arms creamy peach with light violet smear in midrib. Falls are violet maroon with white veining and 1/4" edge. Beard orange at throat, then violet maroon through horn. Sweet fragrance.

Sd. C13-29-11: A1-3-3 (Center Line x High Chaparral) X sd. 1112 ((Gladiatrix X Clown Around) X Drew A Royal Flush).

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