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Iris Starfield

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(Richard Tasco 2012) IB iris, 24" (61 cm), EM
S. creamy pale yellow ground totally covered by brick red dotted centers blending out and becoming almost solid at the veined edges; F. creamy white ground, large lemon yellow ground area around beard, dark burgundy dotting over entire falls becoming heavier with some veining on edges; beards based white, hair tips orange in throat, burnt orange in middle, spectrum violet at ends; pronounced baby powder fragrance.

Unusual spotted flowers, brick red on creamy yellow ground.


Sdlg. 07-IB-54-03: Celestial Explosion X 02-SDB-19-19: (97-SDB-12-12-RE: (92-01-16: (Auroralita x Chubby Cheeks) x 93-08: (French Toast x 91-17: (Tender Tears x Auroralita))) x 98-SDB-12-01: (96-SDB-22-49 x 96-SDB-23: (94-18 x 94-19: (91-62-47 x Toy Clown))))

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