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Iris Signorina

$ 8.00

(Marky Smith 2017) BB, 22" (56 cm), M.
S. smoked heliotrope-lilac paling to tan peach edge, peach coloring wider at base; style arms tan peach, mauve smoky tinge to midribs and crests; F. almost completely washed russian violet subtle veins radiating outward from cream area around beard, shoulders blended smoky salmon, narrow cream-salmon edge, ¾˝ cream spear below beard, short salmon veins around heart; beards vermillion, cream base tipped vermillion at end; ruffled, luminata pattern; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Sdlg. 03-12V: Low Spirits X 00-26H: (Owyhee Desert x Flights of Fancy).

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