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Iris Polestar

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(Hugh Stout 2009) Tall bearded iris, 34", ML. HM 2013
White standards with faint violet blue edging; clear white falls with 1/2 inch medium violet blue borders. Vibrant red-orange beards with white base highlight this prolific iris.

* Won a High Commendation in 2007 from the American Iris Society for top seedlings. HM 2013

sdlg. PD. CBS 10-1, Unknown x Celebration Song
Exerpt from Perry Dyer's "Contemporary View" for 2007-08.

 PICK OF THE LITTER AWARD to the most outstanding and promising seedling personally viewed this season:  PD.CbS.10.01 (Hugh Stout) was, hands-down, the star seedling of the OKC Convention, wowing conventioneers with a huge clump in the master planting at OSU.  It was one of only a handful of seedlings that garnered a High Commendation (HC) vote in 2007.  It is a light, airy blue-orchid amoena of moderate size, with color slightly more intensified at the edges of the falls in the style of an ‘Emma Cook’ pattern.  A tangerine beard provides contrast, and is the “star” in the night sky.  Completely encapsulated with ruffling, and its airy effect is heightened with nearly horizontal falls, setting the flowers to dance in the breeze, reminding me of the grace and ambiance of the great ‘Heartstring Strummer’ (B. Johnson).  Graceful stalks are in the style of ‘Conjuration’ (Byers), but it is actually from another Dykes Medalist, ‘Celebration Song’ (Schreiner), which produces a mighty fine show stalk itself.  It has now been named POLESTAR, and is scheduled for introduction in 2009 .  “Local boy done good!” - created by a talented new hybridizer from right here in Oklahoma City who is also an outstanding AIS judge. 

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