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Iris Maggie Beth

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(Tom Burseen 2013) TB iris, 36" (91 cm), M-L
S. copper brown, violet midribs; style arms gold; F. golden tan washed red-brown, shocking violet-blue flash at beards, flared, looping ruffles; beards based brown, tipped marigold orange; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Very unique mix of vibrant violet blue over golden falls.

 Sdlg. 08-218B: Red Skies X 06-47: (04-583: (01-116: (Bingo Bango Bongo x 98-252, see Yuppy Puppy pod parent) x Stand in Awe) x 04-431: (02-496: (A-366: (98-374: (95-317: (92-319: (Striking x Eyes Right) x Spring Tidings) x 96-215: (Green Streak x Gnu Again)) x 98-622: (94-293: (Scorch x Mesmerizer) x 95-412: (Daubers Delight x Green Streak))) x 99-782, see Reckon I’m Ready pod parent) x Messy Jessi)).

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